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Having a Cat Today Can Do Nothing to Prepare You for Getting a Dog Tomorrow

“Dogs live to serve, cats have servants.” Although the author of this statement is unknown, anybody who has lived with cats for many years and then decided to get a dog, this statement will make a lot of sense.

Cat Ownership – Owning the Home You Live in, Your Possessions and of Course You

Cats have this way of hiring servants to do everything for them, referring back to the earlier quote. You call Sir Bruno to come and be pet and he saunters away. However, as he does so, just as he is no longer within petting range, he turns to you and makes sure that you are still paying attention to his royal highness. When it is more convenient for him, he returns and assumes that this is an appropriate time for you. The fact that it is 3 o’clock in the morning, the night before your big presentation at work, is of little consequence to him.

If you live in an area that is safe for cats to freely roam indoors and out (a farm, far from a main road or deep in the country and of course away from coyotes), and you have ever heard the telltale scratch at the door, you know Sir Bruno is requesting access to his palace. Unfortunately, this is usually at the least convenient time, and again, likely to be around 3 o’clock in the morning. When you stagger to the door, half asleep and open it, Sir Bruno doesn’t even move, does he? He sits there, not in his home and not outside enough for you to slam the door in his face and go back to bed. All the coaxing in the world will not entice him to do what he doesn’t wish to do, now will it? Just as you’ve had enough of his shenanigans and are muttering things under your breath that not even you can decipher, Sir Bruno saunters past you, just as he did when refused to allow you to pet him the night before.

He eats his food, takes his sweet time moseying to your bed where you by this point are in your second phase of primordial snooze. To reinforce his reign of your home, you and everything in his path, Sir Bruno lands squarely atop your head or if he’s ‘kind’, lies down next to your ear and purrs loudly until you wake up and pet him. And why do you pet him? Because, you recognize that he was clearly a Prince in a former life and although he has been reincarnated into a cat, he clearly has memories of his past existence.

Dogs – They Live to Serve You

If you are a brand new dog owner and assume the behavior you’ve been putting up with in your beloved Bruno is even an inkling of what you can expect out of living with Earl, thankfully you would be mistaken.

The first time you met Earl at the local no-kill shelter, he probably took one look at you and, depending upon his previous experience with humans, he may have either run toward you or apprehensively approached you. Either way, timid or happy-go-lucky, he let you know that he would be so honored if you could please take him home with you. In his non-verbal way, he said to you, “I have had a bit of a rough life and I promise if you take me home, I’ll let you train me, bathe me, brush me daily, cut my nails, I’ll eat whatever you give me and if you walk me daily, I’ll shower you with love and affection.”

And so, you bring Earl home, you introduce him to Sir Bruno who hisses and heads for the door, not to be seen for at least 24 hours, “or until you’ve removed that mongrel from my castle.” Given that the latter doesn’t occur, Sir Bruno accepts your new canine buddy and just deals with it.

Assuming that you keep your promise and train Earl, feed him two squares a day, exercise him at least twice a day, establish that you are the pack leader over him, he will, and this a promise, shower you with as much love and affection as you can stand. Get ready for plenty of puppy kisses, because they’re coming your way.

And for all you know, Sir Bruno may change his ways and not be so quick to ignore you. Well, perhaps not.