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Raising Dogs and Cats Together

Dogs and cats are very different animals. Anyone who has ever been around them can testify to that. The typical things that most people associate with either a dog or a cat are generally what make a person choose to have one or the other. Dogs are loving and attention seeking. When you come home from work, Sadie comes barreling toward you! If you just walk into the house from mowing the lawn, Sadie makes a beeline for you like you have been gone for a year! Relaxing in the evening, watching TV, your beloved dog or puppy will often be sitting right beside you, trying to ease her way into your lap without you noticing. The fact that she’s 65 pounds makes little difference to her. She runs after every ball you throw, splashes and plays in the water hose while you are washing your car, and looks curiously at passing birds, bugs, and squirrels…perhaps wondering if they want to play.

Cats, on the other hand, are not quite as concerned with getting attention from you every hour of every day. Leo is much more independent and often only allows you to give him attention when HE is ready for it. Cats are often much more low maintenance than dogs and want their space just like you sometimes do. Trying to get Leo to run after a little ball is a pretty useless way of spending your time. However, when he decides he is ready to play, look out! Tying your shoes can become a huge game to him, and he will continue to play, even as you are walking out the door on your way to work. And all those birds, bugs, and squirrels that Sadie is calmly watching or running after may need to run for their lives when Leo comes around.

Most people are either dog people or cat people, so they don’t generally deal with the other type. But for those few out there who have both, the experience can be a great and entertaining one. Raising a puppy and a kitten together into adulthood can have a very interesting affect on them both. Sadie could begin washing her face with her paws, just like Leo. Leo could decide that baths are pretty cool, just as Sadie does. Sadie may start covering it up after she goes potty, because that’s what Leo does. Leo just might run down the hall and jump in your arms when you come home after a long day, because that’s what Sadie does, or would if she weren’t a 65-pound hunk of love! And whereas Leo might start climbing into your lap for a nap in the evening, you may find Sadie walking into another room for hers.

Seeing the way that each animal picks up on what the other is doing can be an eye opening experience. It can also bring out the deep down personality of your dog and cat. Sadie may realize that she really does need time to herself and does not need to be with you constantly just to confirm your love for her. She may develop confidence that she might not have otherwise realized was there. Leo might start showing that he really does care what you think and do. He may learn that having fun is just as important as keeping his dignity intact.

If you have ever raised these two unique animals together, you have experienced this for yourself. It is hilarious to see your dog acting with as if she were once a princess in a former life and your cat begging you for attention. You can get the best of both animals out of both Sadie and Leo as your wonderful pets, and they will be able to enjoy life a little bit more by learning how the other half lives. Whether you are a dog lover or cat lover, you will definitely be able to enjoy seeing them imitate each other and bring out the quirks in each other’s personalities that may never have been revealed if they were not raised together.